Not suitable for laser treatment for acne crowd

Laser acne  beauty machine  treatment is the use of a selective photothermal effect theory (ie, different wavelengths of laser selectively act on different colors of skin), and instantly act on the part of their acne treatment of acne crushed in order to achieve results. However, the laser also has its limitations, which adapt to the crowd mainly mild to moderate acne. In addition, the following symptoms of people unfit to be the method of treating acne:

1. Absolute contraindications: For pregnant women, who are sensitive to light and recently used light sensitive drugs (vitamin A acid, tetracycline, etc.), hypertension, diabetes, long-term use of certain psychotropic drugs, is taking anti-inflammatory drugs, antihypertensive medicine who have two weeks by sunlight exposure and facial inflammation, treatment should be taboo.

2. Relative contraindications: had undergone chemical peel, physical grinding, resurfacing and other skin radiation, smoking, diabetes, history of hypertrophic scars, pigmentation abnormal, unstable personality and so on.

Laser acne treatment side effects

Acne laser treatment, although surgery without surgery, but also has some side effects, as follows:

① local swelling: after all laser treatment were mild to moderate swelling, 2-3 days after the heaviest 5-7 days faded.

② pigmentation: most of them early in the treatment of hypopigmentation, but soon there may be pigmentation, general Needless treatment within 2-4 months pigmentation can be self-limiting.

③ itching: rare. May mean wound healing, we must guard against the possibility of infection.

④ infection: wound bed as a result of rupture or scratching dip water pollution erythema exudate. Once infection occurs, medical attention as soon as possible, in order to promote wound healing as soon as possible, but may be left superficial scar after healing.

⑤ scarring: laser due to the high accuracy,  Laser beauty equipment  size and depth of treatment can be strictly controlled, surgery is generally not leave scars. But a few may be formed scars left depressed, or stimulate the formation of hypertrophic scars. After the formation of scar should medical treatment as soon as possible, in order to reduce the degree of scar.