Which the most effective ipl beauty machine   way to lose weight? Comprehensive analysis of ways to lose weight

Which the most effective way to lose weight?

Weight loss began to start from their own lives, to start from the beginning of exercise, still need to do those things in life details:

Which is best way to lose weight 1, supine hip lift

Lying in bed, legs bent, hands at your sides, feet flat on the bed. Heel force, slowly lift the buttocks, then slowly lower to the starting position. Repeat 10 times. According to the capacity of the lift height is gradually increased. To further increase the difficulty, you can practice standing on one foot, or increase the weight in the abdomen (for example, put a pillow or book). In fact, this action is mainly hip force, force will also tighten the buttocks, so not only can thin waist, but also hip Oh!

Which is best way to lose weight 2, prone Taijian

Prone on the bed, arms stretched forward. Slowly lift the upper body to the highest point, a slight rise, then slowly lower to the starting posture. Keeping close to the abdomen and below the pad, do not use excessive force. Repeat 10 times. This position is more like a yoga posture Ock Xian. If the arms are stretched forward more difficult to do, you can hold your arms at your sides, flush with the shoulder.

Which is best way to lose weight 3, hand knee leg raise

Kneeling on the bed, his hands. And slowly raised his right arm and left leg straight to the highest point, and then slowly lower to the starting posture. Then switched to the left arm and right leg. To maintain the natural state of the head and spine. Lift height can be increased gradually up, breath. Repeat 10 times.

Which is best way to lose weight 4, back stretching exercises

Lying face down on the back stretch equipment, back straight, hands straight down, legs hooked the anchor leg. Hand from your hips to form a straight line. The body drops until the ground vertically. Lift the upper body, until the body parallel to the floor. In this case, the back is slightly bent backwards,  980nm laser his hands stretched forward. Keep for a while, and then repeat 12-15 times.